The Indian Affair

Primary Session
Adventurers: Dave Goldman Jimmy “Praise God” Allister Running Deer

A Party at Lord Jarvis’s Place.

Our intrepid adventurers started their day hanging out at the Century Club Headquarters in Calcutta (which happened to be the location of the briefly existing Embassy of the Republic of Texas.) The entire Club was sent an invitation from Lord Jarvis Engles, a well-known young aristocrat whose family was well established in Colonial India. Of course, it would be an insult for the club not to go, but Dave Goldman was suspicious, so he briefly scouted the estate out, finding little but learning of the exits.

When our heroes arrived at the gala with the rest of the Decarians from the Club, it seemed that a great deal of the hoi palloi in Calcutta were in attendance. For a time, the adventurers mingled with the crowd and tried to learn of anything interesting about Lord Jarvis. Unfortunately, the didn’t. Running Dear went outside for a look around, finding a tent occupied by local mercenaries and filled with small arms. On her way back in, she briefly ran afoul of a guard, but she managed to explain that she went out to urinate by a tree, being as Uncivilized as she was. Meanwhile, Jimmy decided to tweak Lord Jarvis by seducing his wife, Lady Penolope. Doing so nearly started a fight, but Jarvis’s man Andrew Harman stepped in to cool things off.

After the main event, Lord Jarvis apologetically dismissed all of the party-goers, save the members of the Century Club who were to receive special awards. However, just as the ceremony was beginning, Lord Jarvis and Lady Penelope were apparently taken at gunpoint by Mr. Harman and the band of mercenaries. The entrances and exits were covered as well, a situation that began a vicious fight. While outnumbered, Running Deer and Jimmy fought off the mercenaries at two exits, and the Decarians fought them at the front. At the same time, realizing his uselessness in the fight, Dave bolted upstairs to the library.

In the library, Dave discovered a set of books that had a single book missing. The set of books covered the Asura, ancient Hindu demons. With his knowledge of the Mysteries of the Orient, Dave deduced that the missing book covered Bakasura. As the fight wound down, he also noticed that the local police were on their way. Not wanting to be slowed down, the three adventurers attempted to make their way out in one of Jarvis’s cars but ended up crashing. Fortunately, the three were able to talk their way out of the situation and made it back to the Century Club Headquarters.

At the Headquarters, the Club made an assessment of the situation. Several Decarians were dead, and others were wounded. Plus, the villain had apparently escaped, so the team began considering their clues. Since the Century Club kept a good library of books and a chronicle of the adventures of previous members, the team managed to find some useful information. First, they knew where any trouble with Bakasura was likely to take place: near a small village of Erandol. Second, the chronicles showed that nearly a century before, the Century Club managed to stop the nefarious Doctor Rajh from summoning the terrible demon. Further research found that Doctor Rajh went on to be the mentor to Jarvis Engles! The team now knew that the hostage situation was likely a ruse, and they needed to stop Jarvis from bringing back the terrible demon Bakasura!

‘Neath the Temple

Since Dave knew a guy, the Century Club was able to get a dirigible ride out to the Indian countryside. They made a fly-over of the area and spotted what appeared to be serious excavation work adjacent to the temple. However, they knew they couldn’t just land their craft next door. The place was crawling with goons. They found a good landing spot on the shoreline of a nearby lake instead.

From there, they were able to scout the temple excavation. In a tent that housed a great metal door in the earth with a huge padlock holding it shut, Dave spotted an encrypted book, and he felt that the team needed to return so that he could decipher it. Upon returned, he set to work, finding that it was a journal of the dig. It gave instructions about how to get to the chamber that Bakasura could be summoned in.

Thus, the heroes returned in the daylight to get into the tunnels. After talking their way past a foreman… wait, strike that, after failing to talk their way past a foreman, they knocked him unconscious and went into the caverns. After some trouble with a pit of snakes, they found Lord Jarvis summoning Bakasura. Down a long corridor, he had candles laid out, and he was performing some ancient chants. His very wife, Lady Penelope, was on a sacrificial altar, too! The team knew that they had little time, so they began fighting their way past the guards.

After eliminating the guards, though, Lord Jarvis had already managed to summon Bakasura, but he was keeping the foul god in place with a pendant around his neck. Our intrepid adventurers made it to the altar and began fighting Lord Jarvis and Bakasura, and the fight was going somewhat badly. Then, Mr. Harman appeared at the end of the hall wheeling in a Maxim heavy machine gun, but he did not start shooting until Lord Jarvis finally went down in the teeth of Running Deer’s wolf. Once that happened, the hall filled with a magnificent volley of large-calibre bullets, and both adventurer and demon were under fire. The team barely managed to finished off the demon and get to cover, but Mr. Harman was gone, leaving a stick of TNT with a burning fuse in it. The team managed to pluck that fuse from the explosive and find their way to the exit, but it was sealed by Mr. Harman. Using that stick of dynamite and Running Deer’s magical lightning bow, they got out, but as they did, they saw Mr. Harman escaping in a biplane.

Thus ended the adventure. One twisted and murderous aristocrat had been prevented from summoning an ancient evil, but another villain got away. Perhaps, that villain will meet justice in some later adventure…

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