Running Deer

Native American Huntress


Player: Shirley


  • Been There! Done That!
  • Death to All!
  • Die or Be Killed!
  • This is a Good Day to Die!
  • Best Huntress Here
  • Who Goes There!
  • Uncivilized
  • Fly By Night
  • I’m Not Touching That!
  • Hair of the Dog That Bit You


Superb (+5)
  • Survival
Great (+4)
  • Stealth
  • Weapons
Good (+3)
  • Alertness
  • Might
  • Guns
Fair (+2)
  • Fists
  • Endurance
  • Athletics
  • Resolve
Average (+1)
  • Intimidation
  • Resources
  • Investigation
  • Mysteries
  • Leadership


  • Herbal Remedies (May substitute Survival for Science for the purposes of medical help)
  • Animal Companion (Wolf)
  • Hands Free Riding (Horse)
  • Tracker
  • Magic Bow of Slaying (Rugged, +1 to Attack, Never Needs Arrows)

Phase One (Background)

Raised by Cherokee Indians. Lives off the land. Hates the white man who hates Indians. Can hunt well & be very quiet.

Aspects: Been There Done That!; Death to All!

Phase Two (The Great War)

Century Club Patron: Chief Big Balls Events
Taken to the lands to hunt down and take care of the evil of the lands, to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Aspects: Die or Be killed!; This is a good day to die!

Phase Three (Your Novel)

Title: Indians Rule the Day Events
She surprises all by being the great huntress of all Indian females.

Aspects: Best Huntress here!; Who goes there!

Phase Four (Other Adventures)

Guest Starring In… Dave Goldman and the Robots from Hell! Events
Using her amazing tracking skills, Running Deer tracks an agent of the evil robots back to their lair, from which they’re about to launch their invasion.

Aspects: Uncivilized; Fly by Night

Phase Five (Other Adventures)

Guest Starring In… Jimmy and Shangrila Collide Events
During his escape from Shangrila with Dave, they encounter an American Indian who used her knowledge of herbs and medicine to cure the werewolf problem

Aspects: I’m not touching that!; Hair of the dog that bit you?

Running Deer

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